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We are looking for new talent to join our staff and help them develop there passion and gain experience that is impossible to find in any other work related to photography. We will give the opportunity to both people with prior experience, as well as those who have no knowledge, but a strong passion for the field, and a willingness to learn and grow.


Our ideal profile is young, preferably between 20 and 30 years, seeking to work and live photography. People who have the need and desire to grow in this area, forming part of a team, and working to give the best every day.


We offer a full-time job all year round. fixed salary, benefits and commissions. professional photographic equipment. Ongoing training in photographic technique, lighting, poses, composition, edition, sale, etc.


To apply, you must complete the registration form and send your C.V to rrhh@memories.com.co. After completing these steps,

They will be in the database, which will be used When looking for new staff.

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